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Concrete patios are quickly becoming the most popular surface for outdoor living. They offer a variety of advantages that other surfaces, such as brick or stone, cannot compete with.

There are three types of concrete patios: stamped, stained, and engraved. Each one has its unique look and feel. Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake can help you choose the best one for your home, budget, & entertaining purposes. Our concrete patio services include installation, stamping, staining, and engraving.

Here’s what Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake needs you to know about each concrete option:

Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete patios are created by imprinting a pattern on wet concrete. This can be done in various ways, including with molds, mats, or custom-made tools. The resulting patio looks like it’s made of brick, stone, or another material.

Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake is going to give you a list of pros of the stamped concrete patio option:


-Stamped concrete is less expensive than other types of concrete patios.

-It’s durable and can withstand heavy traffic.

-It can be customized to match any décor.

Stamped concrete is installed in the same way as regular concrete. At Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake, we offer concrete patio services for your patio’s complete installation and maintenance.

Our experts lay the foundation and pour the concrete on top. The stamps are then used to create the desired pattern.

Stained Concrete – Stained concrete patios are created by applying a stain to wet concrete. This gives the concrete a mottled, variegated look that can resemble marble, granite, or other natural materials.

The stain can be any color you like, and different effects can be created by adding different color or types of stains. Call Williams Concrete Inc to schedule our concrete patio services to choose the perfect stain to match your home’s décor.

Poured Concrete – Poured concrete patios are the most common type. A concrete patio services contractor will come to your home and pour a slab of concrete right on the ground. This is a good choice if you want a plain, solid patio. Again Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake is going to provide with some pros for this type of concrete patio installation services:

Poured concrete is an efficient material and has many pros:

– It’s durable and can last for many years with proper care.

– It’s easy to maintain; a quick sweep or hose down is usually all it takes.

– It’s a good choice for both small and large patios.

Which One to Choose?

Which type of concrete patio is best for you depends on your personal preference and budget. If you want a patio with a lot of character and style, stained or stamped concrete is a good choice.

If you want a simple, solid patio, poured concrete is the way to go. No matter which type of concrete patio you choose, our concrete patio installation team at Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake will help you get the perfect patio for your home and budget.

Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake offers a wide range of concrete patio services, from stamped and stained concrete to poured concrete patios. Our team of experienced concrete patio installation professionals will work with you to create the perfect patio for your home. Call Williams Concrete Inc in Liberty Lake for your FREE ESTIMATE or to schedule your concrete patio installation service today.

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